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About Advanced Growth Fund

Advanced Growth Fund (AGF) is located in California, USA and is a leading international asset management company. The business involves the integration of traditional finance and innovative financial derivatives, such as stocks, securities, foreign exchange, fund issuance, digital currency, blockchain and other fields. The fund structure includes independent funds registered in the Cayman Islands, independent portfolio companies (SPC) and collective investment schemes (UCITs) in the European Union’s transferable securities, realizing global operation services under the offshore model.

AGF is a large fund management company with comprehensive asset management capabilities and experience. The investment and research team connects various value resources in the practice of the global financial field, and builds a multi-category, multi-strategy and diversified product system to meet the diversification of users , Individualized investment needs, a full range of asset services, sustainable and stable creation of value for customers.

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Financial Video

C Insight into the Sock Market: Vacancy tax is counterproductive. Buyers are affected?

The Government is planning to push the “vacant tax”, which has caused a major rebound in the property industry. Shi Yongqing believes that the development of the Chamber of Commerce will slow down the construction time and occupation period, and has little impact on the property market, but the choice of consumers will be less, which is counterproductive. He also commented on the recent rumours that the government will announce the farmland recovery policies and the view of the property market in the second half of the year, don’t miss it.

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Fund Investment Research Practical Team

Equity, hybrid, bond, income, and innovative (blockchain) fund managers.
Provide world-class investment solutions to achieve wealth appreciation.

Value investment allocation

Investment portfolio: asset allocation, field allocation, industry allocation.
Various financial modules carry out multiple portfolio strategies to achieve value returns

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Issuer, operator, trading market, etc.
Users are not subject to differences in nationality, language, and tools, and enjoy cutting-edge investment returns.

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Legal currency assets, token assets, securities assets.
Experts in diversified financial asset management, realizing high income for lazy people