About Us

About Us

Advanced Growth Fund (AGF) is located in California, USA and is a leading international asset management company. The business involves the integration of traditional finance and innovative financial derivatives, such as stocks, securities, foreign exchange, fund issuance, digital currency, blockchain and other fields. The fund structure includes independent funds registered in the Cayman Islands, independent portfolio companies (SPC) and collective investment schemes (UCITs) in the European Union’s transferable securities, realizing global operation services under the offshore model.

AGF is a large-scale fund management company with comprehensive asset management capabilities and experience. The investment research team connects various value resources in the practice of the global financial field, and builds a multi-category, multi-strategy and diversified product system to meet user diversification. , Individualized investment need, a full range of asset services, sustainable and stable creation of value for customers.

Top Management

David Kwok
Mr. David Kwok has many years of experience in operating capital operations. In the financial field, whether it is capital trust, trust loan, blockchain, and refinancing business, he has extensive experience. He is extremely keen on financial market figures and has accurately predicted market trends many times to bring long-term and stable returns to enterprises.
Darmindra Kumar
Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs and investors have founded and led 4 high-tech companies in the past 19 years. The founding partner of the Blockchain Fund Advance Growth Fund, Darmindra Kumar is a senior COO and serves as an advisor to different blockchain companies.
Spencer Chen
Spencer committed to innovation and Blockchain application development, the Blockchain software and semiconductor advanced process research and investment, MPW 10 & 7 nm ASIC wafer and High-speed digital chip. In recent years, the main investment automation trading and industrial mining , leading most family funds to enter the Blockchain investment market.
Terrance Lau


Mr Terrance is responsible for the integration of information flow, logistics, and capital flow, completes the selection and implementation of information systems, and collects and studies internal and external information to provide a basis for decision-making, and has rich operating experience. In addition, he is also quite experienced in mining corporate information resources, formulating corporate informatization strategies, rationally deploying corporate informatization, and evaluating the value of informatization to enterprises. At the same time, it also provides informatization training for AGF to promote the widespread use of blockchain technology and observes and studies the information flow and its effects.

Why choose us?

It is more flexible in terms of investment scope and innovation space, and its investment strategies are diversified and rich. According to investors’ risk preferences and liquidity preferences, products with different risk and return characteristics can be tailored to meet the multi-faceted asset allocation needs of high-net-worth clients.
The investment team focuses on the allocation of broad categories of assets and capturing investment opportunities in the market at different times. Pay special attention to the emerging financial models (such as digital currency, DeFi, NFT, etc.), allowing participants to take the lead in realizing value experience and realizing avant-garde or excess returns relative to the market.
Control risks to escort customer value. Establish a strict stepped wind control system, adjust product positions in time according to market changes and changes in product net value, and strive to reduce the downward fluctuation of product net value. Special account products have strict “early warning lines” and “stop-loss lines”. When a product is clearly expected to experience a sharp decline in returns or has no prospects, you can quickly purchase or invest in more potential investment targets.
Adopt a fixed + floating charging method. After the product operation reaches the profit target, performance rewards can be appropriately extracted. The setting of extracting performance remuneration makes the product focus on defensiveness while offensive. If the revenue target is not reached, only the basic fee will be charged. Only collect performance compensation for the part that exceeds the revenue target.