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2020 is finally over. This is undoubtedly a particularly tough year for a lot of people. However, the sudden outbreak of the pandemic has also urged the progress and development of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, and has nurtured new possibilities. Due to the disgraceful affect and huge pressure on daily business caused by the epidemic, companies urgently need to speed up the digital transformation process. In the next few years, blockchain technology is likely to bring about the most transformative and even dramatic changes in business operations. Therefore, many industries will use blockchain as a powerful tool in order to accelerate digital transformation.

This year, blockchain technology has become very sought-after, and many companies in different industries have begun to really take consideration of adopting this technology to enhance their business processes. During this period, the outbreak of the pandemic has also accelerated the digital transformation of many fields and the distributed ledger technology represented by blockchain has ushered in great progress. Therefore, the global blockchain market is expected to expand from US$3 billion in 2020 to US$29.7 billion in 2025. This means at least 25% of the Forbes Global 2000 companies in this market will be using blockchain technology as the basis for the realization of a large-scale digital trust system in the next five years.

The global pandemic has caused companies to adopt more pragmatic development planning ideas for blockchain projects, hoping to use blockchain technology to “maintain a continuously business growth”.The current blockchain projects with obvious application advantages are expected to accelerate the pace of popularization in the new year. Therefore, it is expected more blockchain-based projects will enter the production stage in the future. Globally, 30% of the blockchain will be putting into actual production. This figure not only reflects the maturity of project implementation methods and technology itself, but also reflects the acceleration of related projects under the pressure of the pandemic. According to Gartner’s survey, more than 40% of the interviewed companies stated that they have at least one blockchain project in the pilot operation stage. It is expected that in the new year, 30% of the world’s blockchain projects will officially enter the stage of production and operation. I believe that under the constant shadow of COVID-19, there will be more blockchain networks built by private companies to complete the development transition from pilot to production.

In addition, there are now more and more supporters like PayPal, Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. are accepting Bitcoin, making more investors likely to see cryptocurrency as a valuable supplement to stocks, bonds, and commodities. Coupled with the blockade caused by the global pandemic forcing people to shop online, the transition to a cashless society is accelerating. Regardless what form it takes, this bodes well for cryptocurrencies. In addition, with the recent inclusion of the Federal Reserve and Central banks, including the European Central Bank, are studying how to digitize their sovereign currencies, and companies such as Fidelity Investments Inc. are launching funds to allow investors to add cryptocurrencies to their portfolios. Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are expected to continue to flourish.
B Fund
Mainly concentrate funds on blockchain and cryptocurrency-related projects for investment planning. The main force will be invested in [blockchain + finance]. Nowadays, blockchain technology has ripen gradually, more and more blockchain technology applications on financial products and it is just like the establishment of a comprehensive financial system around the world under the rapid development of early banks to control the global financial flow ecology and evolution. Bitcoin surpassed USD 60,000 for the first time on March 13, 2021, making the increase in the past year exceeded 1,000%, and jumped to a highest record of USD 61,556.59 earlier on the 14th. Invest in a digital bank that can be circulated and used worldwide in the era of digital economy, covering digital asset management, digital asset transactions, global asset allocation, digital funds, digital trusts, digital asset insurance and other comprehensive services. An enterprise platform that provides all decentralized financial wealth management related services for global users will become the blue ocean navigator of digital assets in the “Era of Great Navigation”.

Proprietary transaction
Some consumers do not use fintech products, mainly because they are doubtful on its safety and security concern. The development of blockchain technology fills the safety vulnerability in virtual transactions. Develop trading technology to execute our systematic blockchain and cryptocurrency trading strategy. We also provide professional investors with structured products based on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Blockchain technology venture capital
By introducing the blockchain technology, all parties can share asset information transparently and efficiently, transaction and use records cannot be tampered with, effectively solve all parties reconciliation and supervision issues, improve risk management, established crypto investment fund that manages 700 million U.S. dollars, invested in crypto companies and agreement, aiming to bring the best experience of traditional venture capital to the crypto world . Long-term and patient investment planning, has invested in crypto assets for more than 5 years, and a professional venture capital team has invested in the equity of A/B series blockchain technology companies.

Blockchain’s proprietary technology and system trading strategy:
  • Main high-frequency and medium-frequency trading strategies covering all major block-connected technologies and trading venues
  • Through extensive quantitative research and market intelligence, gain value from market inefficiencies and low market prices
  • An experienced team has more than 20 traders, quantitative strategists and software engineers all over the world
  • Develop cutting edge trading technology to implement our trading strategy

Venture capital investment in blockchain technology companies
  • Good track record and quality assurance risk management
  • Opinion leaders, projects and founders with a huge social network are used for transaction purchases
  • Experienced in investing in the field of blockchain and digital assets
  • Invest in equity in A/B series blockchain technology companies
  • Asia-centric, global investment coverage