In 2020, the digital currencies of multiple central banks will be launch simultaneously, which is accelerating the compliance of the blockchain world with people’s lives.
Blockchain is becoming a hot spot for investment. A large amount of funds from both inside and outside the industry continues to flow in. People’s enthusiasm for investment including mining, digital asset investment, and DeFi is unprecedentedly high. Digital assets have multiple attributes such as assets, application space, disintermediation, and monetary payment, and their liquidity and practical value far exceed various traditional financial products. After long-term research and successful practice, AGF blockchain financial consulting and investment services have been fully open to the outside world.
Since the birth of Bitcoin, new human business models such as mining machines, mining farms, mining pools, chips, and cloud computing power has be formed around mining.
  1. Mining types: computing power mining (POW), deposit mining (POS), memory mining (IPFS), transaction mining (centralized exchange), liquid mining (decentralized exchange)
  2. Mining pool: The income settlement model includes PPLNS, PPS, PPS+, FPPS.
  3. Mining machine: According to the performance of the mining machine ASIC, CPU, GPU, FPGA, etc.
  4. Cloud computing power: group mining, stable income.
    • Mining funds: upstream of the blockchain, with high and stable value returns, the payback cycle is usually within half a year, which has greater advantages and more choices than traditional investments. The fund can be used to build mines, purchase mining machines, develop chips, sell high-quality cloud computing power, etc.
    • Integration of mine resources. High-quality chip research and development resources, mining pools, etc., in China, Mongolia, Sichuan, Tibet, Yunnan, Kyrgyzstan in the Middle East, Seattle in the United States, Orenburg, Russia, etc., there are global hydropower and thermal power plants power resources, and mining pool land resources.
    • Have mature cooperation channels with mining machine manufacturers: Ant mining machine, Shenma mining machine, core mining machine, Avalon mining machine, Yibit mining machine, Cheetah mining machine, Snow Leopard mining machine, GMO, Hummingbird mining machine Wait. Co-invested in multiple mining projects with Zhene Fund, Sequoia Capital and other first-class professional investment institutions, and achieved great success.
Token: The field has the most chance to be expose to. High-yield and high-risk coexist, and the myth of Hundreds of Coins continues to play out. However, there are many types of digital currencies, but a higher cognitive threshold is required to understand the value logic behind the currencies, which is quite difficult to judge.
  1. Issuance method: Bitcoin, IEO, IFO, Dogecoin, etc.
  2. Public chain: BTC, ETH, EOS, etc.
  3. Platform coins: Binance BNB, Huobi HT, China Coin ZB, OKB, UNI, etc.
  4. Stable coins: USDT, USDC, TUSD, HUSD, DAI, BUSD, etc.
  5. Concept currency: oracle, artificial intelligence, payment, sports, etc.
    • Select high-quality currencies, proxy investment or provide seed round, angel round, A round financing opportunities, and become an early investor in potential currencies. The operation or innovative projects of well-known companies are usually higher than the value return of traditional financial products.
    • Pay attention to the digital asset policies and industry trends of mainstream countries and regions, and provide users with value information in the token market.
Exchange: There are mainly centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, cold wallets, hot wallets, hardware wallets and other forms. Provide a mainstream place for digital assets to provide liquidity to ensure the storage and safe transfer of digital assets, as well as efficient realization. Common models are : currency transaction, legal currency transaction, contract transaction.
  • Quantitative services, professional market analysis tools + senior cross-chain players, enjoy the surprise appreciation of assets.
  • Professionally move bricks to eliminate user identity discrimination or foreign exchange restrictions. For example, digital assets are greatly affected by the policies of various countries and people’s emotions, and there will be a huge difference in the same currency (such as BTC). AGF has large asset accounts in major exchanges around the world and sells in large quantities on exchanges with high prices. Simultaneous selling on exchanges with lower prices can arbitrage huge spreads.
  • Contract trading master, trading experience, precise bullish and bearish, use leverage-to-leverage high returns.
  • The cold wallet + hot wallet solution ensures the safety of user assets, and can promptly convert currencies into stable currencies, or purchase potential currencies.
DeFi is a decentralized movement of energy finance, which lowers the barriers to use for people who were originally excluded from the financial system. DeFi has the characteristics of permissionlessness, diversity, compatibility, and composability. Various financial applications can be constructed, connected and used without restrictions, making human financial activities more abundant and interesting, and wealth increasing channels wider.

DeFi: At present, DeFi mainly relies on public chain operation, such as ETH area, BSC area, HeCo area. The business model includes mining, lending, transaction, DEX, etc., and more financial models that humans do not have will often inadvertently Stand out from the crowd.
  • Since DeFi projects are all running on the public chain, and most of them are new types of projects, in addition to having operational thresholds, considerable knowledge accumulation is required in profit risk assessment. AGF can eliminate geographical restrictions, provide scientific choices for various users or investment institutions, and obtain various innovative financial derivatives income.
  • AGF has a keen market insight and can always find some new value financial products, cross-regional and cross-heterogeneous chain for users to earn the first pot of gold for such applications.
Non-Fungible Token NFT (Non-FungibleToken), that is, non-fungible Token, that is, irreplaceable token. The uniqueness and scarcity of NFT make it very suitable for marking the ownership of assets in the blockchain, and truly realize the connection between digital assets and real assets in the virtual world.
  • AGF has a vast resource of artists, collectors, musicians, and real estate developers. By connecting to high-quality public chains, through NFT, assets in other fields in the real world can be brought into the encrypted world in a credible and credible manner. Such as tokenized game props, tickets, artwork, real estate, etc.
  • The AGF fund team has the ability to accurately identify and predict the value of NFTs in various fields, and achieve wealth appreciation while satisfying users’ hobbies.
DApp (Decentralized Application) is an APP in the blockchain world, based on the blockchain. It is the main field of blockchain financial asset application. It is also the core module for developers to generate profits. Common ones include games, quiz, social media, etc.
  • Investment in DApp: Investors can obtain the opportunity to invest in the development of marketable applications through AGF to obtain high returns. Different from traditional APP, DApp’s customer acquisition mainly relies on the ecological resources of the public chain and requires less investment in market operations.
  • Experience DApp to obtain income: You can use idle assets to operate in DApp, such as pet games, deposit coins and earn interest. Unlike traditional game mobile games, token assets in DApp are free to deposit and withdraw.
There are various investment opportunities in the process of using technology to enhance social trust and intelligence. With the continuous improvement of the industrial chain of the block chain industry, capital injection is heating up. AGF’s investment focus has covered all levels of the industry chain. The upstream includes the underlying technology and infrastructure, the midstream is mainly technology expansion platforms and services; the downstream is mainly based on blockchain applications. The financial industry is the most widely used blockchain, with more applications for vouchers, bills and financial service platforms.
  • Financial services. Supply chain finance; financial technology; financial security, blockchain asset hardware storage.
  • Livelihood services. Electronic invoices, payment; electronic authentication; copyright services.
  • Government affairs scenarios.