Among investment targets in various fields, there will be problems such as information asymmetry, large capital requirements, professional knowledge participation, insufficient participation time or insufficient managers, and retail investors are in an extremely disadvantaged position. A fund is an indirect investment in which various investors invest resources into long-term value and delegate professional matters to professional people to obtain income.

Fund classification:

  1. According to the different investment objects of the fund: currency gold, stock funds, hybrid funds, bond funds, etc.
  2. If it is divided according to organizational form: public funds and contractual funds.
  3. According to whether the fund can be redeemed or increased: it can be divided into open-end and closed-end funds.
  4. Industry module: The five industries of the fund are restricted, and value products or projects can be used. Innovative projects such as blockchain finance, the Internet, and artificial intelligence all have valuable returns.
Business Advantages
The basic products provided or connected by AGF include stock type, bond type, capital preservation type, hybrid type, cash management type, index type, arbitrage type and derivatives type. For blockchain finance, users can discuss various combinations with AGF based on basic products according to their own needs, so as to realize the steady appreciation of assets.
AGF selects suitable funds according to the age and risk matching level of investors, and makes asset portfolios for fund investment, appropriately matching currency funds, bond funds and stock funds to balance investment risks.
AGF brings together fund leaders in various fields to maintain a high level of fund investment targets.
  • Stock fund managers
  • Hybrid fund manager
  • Bond fund managers
  • Income fund managers
  • Innovative (blockchain) fund manager
  • Use quantitative hedging strategies, FOF asset allocation strategies, and convertible bond investment strategies to construct investment portfolios. Strictly control product drawdowns to achieve long-term and stable returns for investors.
  • Comprehensive use of high dividends, leading selection, business models, block transactions and other strategies to build investment portfolios. Under the premise of small fluctuations in net worth, it can achieve long-term positive returns for investors.
  • Organic growth strategy to build investment portfolio. On the premise of effectively controlling the fluctuation of net worth, smooth the investment yield curve to achieve relatively stable medium investment income for investors.
  • Comprehensive use of reverse investment strategies and overseas investment strategies to construct investment portfolios. Strictly select investment targets, insist on value investment, and create better investment returns for investors within a reasonable range of fluctuations.