Stock is a certificate of ownership issued by a company. It is a kind of securities that a stock company raises funds and is issued to each shareholder as a certificate of shareholding to obtain certain dividends and bonuses. , Market participants can get company dividends (cash dividends, share dividends, property dividends), gains from stock price rises, and speculative gains from stock prices. Stocks are a common investment method, and a relatively mature financial investment market, with standardized financial management, a wide range of participants, and smooth realization channels.

Stock classification: The stocks of listed companies in China include A shares, B shares, H shares, N shares and S shares, etc. In the international market, there are Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, etc.
Stock investment strategy:
  • Value investment: Relying on the analysis of the fundamentals of the company’s financial performance, and then identifying stocks whose market prices are lower than their intrinsic value (that is, the current value of the company’s future cash flow).
  • Growth investment: Try to find the stocks of companies that have great revenue potential and can quickly expand their intrinsic value.
  • Index investment: buy stocks that can replicate larger market segments (such as the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index)
  • Technological investment: Use charts to collect market behavior information, market trends, and other dynamic indicators that indicate market expectations.
  • Portfolio investment: First clarify your own investment risk preference, and then construct a diversified portfolio of securities with corresponding risks.
  • Open up global stock market resources: Provide investors with different opportunities in the global stock market.
  • Key stock pool: A collection of high-quality stocks selected by well-known international institutions, as well as the latest investment ratings and selection of industry-specific stocks, to provide more accurate alternative stock varieties for investment decision-making.
  • Risk warning: Comprehensively integrate the most popular trading stock indexes and fully grasp the investment opportunities of the overall market or industry, which can reduce the risk of investing in individual stocks. Such as Nasdaq 100 Index, India Mumbai 30 Index, S&P 500 Index, UK FTSE 100 Index, Nikkei 225 Index, etc.
  • Fast and accurate information: AGF can use technical services to help customers obtain high-value information, gather massive amounts of financial information around the world, and grasp the latest stock market trends.
  • Industry analysis: The stocks are subdivided into more than 200 industries, focusing on high-quality stocks in each industry, exploring industry trends, and showing recent hot spots.